Manufacturers of Animal Enclosures Since 1996

Any size or configuration made to order.

Based in County Kildare, Ireland we supply nationwide a full range of quality animal enclosures which are designed for the domestic user, Trainers, Veterinarians to the professional breeds and commercial kennel owners.
Our animal enclosures are constructed to commercial standards to ensure the longest life under the harsh Irish weather conditions.
The individual panels are constructed from a robust 32mm x 32mm box section tube and heavy duty welded mesh, which is hot dip galvanized, to provide a long lasting and pleasing appearance.
The finish is designed to give great protection against rust and corrosion from the rain and urine from the dogs and the heavy duty mesh available ensures there is an enclosure for all types of situations and animals.
Our enclosures are designed for easy assembly and can be made up in a single enclosure run or groups of enclosure runs.
Panels are bolted together and can be made into many different configurations.
All units are 2 inches off the ground for easy cleaning and to prevent bacteria built up.