Our quality Animal Enclosures are designed
for all pet owners and professionals.

Any size or configuration made to order.

We specialize in enclosures to suit every need from domestic pet lover to breeders, trainers, vets and kennels/catteries.  Whatever your need, space, budget, we have a solution for you.

Runs are user friendly for every animal owner. They are easily assembled as the only tool required is a spanner. They can be free-standing or made into a permanent enclosure. If free-standing, they can be easily relocated which is ideal for people in the rental market, just take them apart and re-assemble at your new home. Dog Runs can be used to build a complete set of kennels inside a building or attached to existing kennels.

Our enclosures come as separate modules, which enable you to construct your own outdoor animal enclosure.

Our modular cages are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Now you can allow your dog, cat or other pets to run outside without the risk of your best friend getting into any trouble.